Day 17 • Riga outskirt

The pain in my bad arm has been worse the last couple of nights. We therefore contacted our travel insurance company. They recommended the University Hospital in Riga.

Here we were told it was 6 to 8 hours of waiting, but we got the address of a private clinic in Riga. We were unable to find this clinic, but found a pharmacy. There they checked the address note we had received at the hospital. The nice lady could tell that the hospital had misspelled the street name. Thus we had ended up in the wrong street.

With the correct address we found the private clinic, but IT was not possible to get an apointment today. After all, we had spent most of the day exploring and waiting.

Thus, we dropped the doctor and based ourself on what the pharmacy has to offer.

WE are washing the car.

Since we drove a lot on dirt roads yesterday we had to wash the car.

Since the charging stations in Latvia do not work on the Tesla Model 3 we charged the car from an ordinary house socket with our helpful hoste permission. It soon turned out that this was a problem for the site’s main fuse.

If we charged the car and used the electric kettle, micro, stove or dryer, the fuse smoked and the host had to go down the street to turn it back on (don’t ask). It went better when we adjusted our charging current and charged at night.

Despite the problems we got a nice lunch in Riga and a nice evening on the terrace in our Airbnb. I even walked for a few kilometers in the area while Anne spent the time on the terrace.

Video day 17: Day17

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