Day 18 • Charging in Estonia

Today we have driven from Riga in Latvia to somewhere a few kilometers outside Tallin in Estonia. About 340 kilometers. We had enough power on the battery to drive all the way. We had charged with the hosts ordinary power outlet throughout the night. Since we didn’t know anything about charging in Estonia we tried to fill up at the last charger before we left Latvia. It didn’t work, but it worked on the first charger we tried in Estonia. Our plan was also to fill up on the last charger before todays destination.

First charge in Estonia

In Estonia, one company own almost all chargers (Elmo). This was an Elmo charger. We tested, but found that we had to register as a customer at Elmo. We tried, but the web registration worked poorly. It would not accept my ID and then we was not able to move on with online registration. Finally, it became the support girl who had to register for me. She will do that tomorrow.

When we arrived at the destination we had enough power to reach a fast Tesla charger in Sweden (after the ferry tour) if we did not use the car in the coming days.

However, we will need the car.

Video day 18: Day18

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