Day 20 • Cool restaurant

Since cycling is bad for me these days we would like to use the car. Our problem was that the Estonia charging stations did not work with the Tesla Model 3. We didn’t want to to drain the car battery any more. We wanted to be sure of reaching the nearest Supercharger when we roll off the ferry in Stockholm. The problem was solved by our super hosts by allowing us to connect to the network at their house.

Although this is slow charging, it charges around the clock.

This allowed us to use the car. We were on some kind of hippie version of Dagros (our local summer restaurant on the island where we live). Here it was fish & chips. Quite okay if you don’t want the chips crispy. In Estonia they clearly want it soft.

Pootsman. One of the three dogs at Pootsmani Suvekohvik (the restaurant).

Then we took a walk in a large nature area by the coast. An area that locals used frequently. Cars were driven far into the forest and down to the sea. There was barbecue and bonfire (they roasted the food over the fire) all over the place.

Then it was home happy recharging.

Video day 20: Day20

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