Day 22 • Leaving Tallinn

Today is the last day in Estonia. We pack, say goodbye to our nice hosts and head to Tallinn in a fullt charged Tesla.

We have chosen to travel with Princess Anastasia. The ferry belongs to St. Peter Lines or Moby Lines if you like. A Russian ferry company.

Russian? That means careful control. We are supposed to meet 3 hours before departure.

First we have to enter the departure hall and get boarding passes and cabin passes. One card for the car. One for Anne and one for me plus two cabin cards. Five cards to get on board.

Then there was the queue to get on board. There were three checks (1.5 hours) before we were inside the boat. First customs clearance. Then some kind of ticket and car control and finally the ferry crew who checked that We had the right tickets.

Right shall be right. The nice lady in the departure hall found that we had booked two cabins. This did not appear in our invoice. She put these together so we got an upgraded cabin.

One hour late, we left the harbor in no wind and no waves. We left Tallinn in a beautiful sunset.

Video day 22: Day22

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