Day 23 • Going home

After sleeping all night and eating a good breakfast, we had time to enjoy Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago. Then we drove ashore. What we hadn’t thought about was that when traveling with a Russian ship you have to go through border control and customs control to get into Sweden. This was Schengen’s outer border.

Since we had a fully charged car from Estonia, we were able to drive about 400 kilometers before charging. On Swedish highways with good speed.

We crossed the border into Norway without seeing a single border guard. The beautiful roads continued right up to Moss where we could drive straight onto the ferry as the last car on board (half price for electric car according to one I talked to).

Since we were the last car on board we had a motorhome right in front and the ferry limb right behind. The motorhome driver had a some trouble since the engine stopped every time he tried to start driving. And since there was a little uphill just where he was standing he fall back a little for each attemt. I backed off until I had only 30 cm between us and the ferry limb. Fortunately, the camping driver got the car started and half an hour later we were on the ferry terminal at Tenvik. Almost at home.

We managed to get our luggage out and put the car in the garage before the ferry arrived.

A short ferry trip sp we were at home at Veierland.

Video from day 23: Day23

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