We drove the whole trip. We managed to reach all the pre-booked accommodations. With the exception of Estonia, we managed to use all the charging stations we visited.

Of course, Tesla’s own charging stations worked just as expected. On several other stations, we need help from the charging station’s support personel to started the charging for us or restart the charging station.

With the experience we now have, we know that we can drive exactly where we want throughout Europe – long enough for a road trip I think.

We have charged for about 2000 NOK (220 €). We have driven about 4200 kilometers. That is about 4,80 NOK pr 10 kilometer (0,52€).

… and remember that we were generous with the payment when we charged privately.

If you have a car that use 0,5 litre petrol pr 10 kilometer you will pay about 8 NOK pr 10 kilometer (0,86€).

… and remember that this is a car with 350 hp ( top speed of well over 200 km per hour and 4-wheel drive.

Video: Finished

Day 23 • Going home

After sleeping all night and eating a good breakfast, we had time to enjoy Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago. Then we drove ashore. What we hadn’t thought about was that when traveling with a Russian ship you have to go through border control and customs control to get into Sweden. This was Schengen’s outer border.

Since we had a fully charged car from Estonia, we were able to drive about 400 kilometers before charging. On Swedish highways with good speed.

We crossed the border into Norway without seeing a single border guard. The beautiful roads continued right up to Moss where we could drive straight onto the ferry as the last car on board (half price for electric car according to one I talked to).

Since we were the last car on board we had a motorhome right in front and the ferry limb right behind. The motorhome driver had a some trouble since the engine stopped every time he tried to start driving. And since there was a little uphill just where he was standing he fall back a little for each attemt. I backed off until I had only 30 cm between us and the ferry limb. Fortunately, the camping driver got the car started and half an hour later we were on the ferry terminal at Tenvik. Almost at home.

We managed to get our luggage out and put the car in the garage before the ferry arrived.

A short ferry trip sp we were at home at Veierland.

Video from day 23: Day23

Day 22 • Leaving Tallinn

Today is the last day in Estonia. We pack, say goodbye to our nice hosts and head to Tallinn in a fullt charged Tesla.

We have chosen to travel with Princess Anastasia. The ferry belongs to St. Peter Lines or Moby Lines if you like. A Russian ferry company.

Russian? That means careful control. We are supposed to meet 3 hours before departure.

First we have to enter the departure hall and get boarding passes and cabin passes. One card for the car. One for Anne and one for me plus two cabin cards. Five cards to get on board.

Then there was the queue to get on board. There were three checks (1.5 hours) before we were inside the boat. First customs clearance. Then some kind of ticket and car control and finally the ferry crew who checked that We had the right tickets.

Right shall be right. The nice lady in the departure hall found that we had booked two cabins. This did not appear in our invoice. She put these together so we got an upgraded cabin.

One hour late, we left the harbor in no wind and no waves. We left Tallinn in a beautiful sunset.

Video day 22: Day22

Day 21 • Tower and flower

Despite the poor arm, today’s plan include a bike ride. We have got tips about an old windmill that has been converted into an art center. This center shall have an event today and is therefore open.

After putting into me all the best the local pharmacy can offer Anne massages my shoulder with something similar to Voltaren, but should be better ?!

Then we cycle off. It should be about 7 kilometers. We cycle a bit longer since we made a little mistake. We had many breaks. Both because of my arm and because of the heat. But we did it.

The construction was amazing. Great views from the top. Anne also thought that she had seen a small unused spot in the car’s trunk. This was to be filled with a vase from the site’s potter – the art center’s owner.

The purchase was made without cash. The art center owner knew our host. We only had to pay our host before we moved on.

Did I mention the fisk we bought in Palanga?
The ugly one?

We were also served a good local soup.

The bike ride home went very smoothly. This time we took no detour.

During the afternoon I took pictures of the flowers in “our” garden and in the surrounding nature.

Video day 21: Day21

Day 20 • Cool restaurant

Since cycling is bad for me these days we would like to use the car. Our problem was that the Estonia charging stations did not work with the Tesla Model 3. We didn’t want to to drain the car battery any more. We wanted to be sure of reaching the nearest Supercharger when we roll off the ferry in Stockholm. The problem was solved by our super hosts by allowing us to connect to the network at their house.

Although this is slow charging, it charges around the clock.

This allowed us to use the car. We were on some kind of hippie version of Dagros (our local summer restaurant on the island where we live). Here it was fish & chips. Quite okay if you don’t want the chips crispy. In Estonia they clearly want it soft.

Pootsman. One of the three dogs at Pootsmani Suvekohvik (the restaurant).

Then we took a walk in a large nature area by the coast. An area that locals used frequently. Cars were driven far into the forest and down to the sea. There was barbecue and bonfire (they roasted the food over the fire) all over the place.

Then it was home happy recharging.

Video day 20: Day20

Day 19 • Waterfall and bridge

The accommodation we have chosen outside of Tallinn is absolutely perfect except for one thing. It does not have air cooling. Otherwise, it’s an advenure. A whole, small, house to ourselves.

Today we take a trip and visit Estonia’s largest waterfall. It is not big at all. If you fold your pants you can walk over. There were many (also children) who did. Or you can swim under the waterfall. Someone did tha too.

Anne and the waterfall

We also tested a fun suspension bridge, not far from the waterfall.

The flowering is amazing, impressive and beautiful. Both on the property garden and out in the countryside.

Video day 19: Day19

Day 18 • Charging in Estonia

Today we have driven from Riga in Latvia to somewhere a few kilometers outside Tallin in Estonia. About 340 kilometers. We had enough power on the battery to drive all the way. We had charged with the hosts ordinary power outlet throughout the night. Since we didn’t know anything about charging in Estonia we tried to fill up at the last charger before we left Latvia. It didn’t work, but it worked on the first charger we tried in Estonia. Our plan was also to fill up on the last charger before todays destination.

First charge in Estonia

In Estonia, one company own almost all chargers (Elmo). This was an Elmo charger. We tested, but found that we had to register as a customer at Elmo. We tried, but the web registration worked poorly. It would not accept my ID and then we was not able to move on with online registration. Finally, it became the support girl who had to register for me. She will do that tomorrow.

When we arrived at the destination we had enough power to reach a fast Tesla charger in Sweden (after the ferry tour) if we did not use the car in the coming days.

However, we will need the car.

Video day 18: Day18

Day 17 • Riga outskirt

The pain in my bad arm has been worse the last couple of nights. We therefore contacted our travel insurance company. They recommended the University Hospital in Riga.

Here we were told it was 6 to 8 hours of waiting, but we got the address of a private clinic in Riga. We were unable to find this clinic, but found a pharmacy. There they checked the address note we had received at the hospital. The nice lady could tell that the hospital had misspelled the street name. Thus we had ended up in the wrong street.

With the correct address we found the private clinic, but IT was not possible to get an apointment today. After all, we had spent most of the day exploring and waiting.

Thus, we dropped the doctor and based ourself on what the pharmacy has to offer.

WE are washing the car.

Since we drove a lot on dirt roads yesterday we had to wash the car.

Since the charging stations in Latvia do not work on the Tesla Model 3 we charged the car from an ordinary house socket with our helpful hoste permission. It soon turned out that this was a problem for the site’s main fuse.

If we charged the car and used the electric kettle, micro, stove or dryer, the fuse smoked and the host had to go down the street to turn it back on (don’t ask). It went better when we adjusted our charging current and charged at night.

Despite the problems we got a nice lunch in Riga and a nice evening on the terrace in our Airbnb. I even walked for a few kilometers in the area while Anne spent the time on the terrace.

Video day 17: Day17

Day 16 • Annes stork – finally

In Palanga we stayed at a small hotel without a reception. There was only a restaurant on the ground floor. When we should leave the hotel in the morning the restaurant was closed. Our car was trappen by 2 other cars. We could not get out of the parking lot. Finally we managed to get one car moved. The other one we sneaked pased (sorry if any of the bushes got permanent damage).

Annes Stork Picture. Take 23.

We were driving from Palanga to Riga today. It is about 300 km. We had the power to drive all the way but would be about empty on arrival. Therefore, we planned two charges. In Latvia, there is mostly one type of charging station. It turned out that they worked with one of our charge cards, but they were not adapted to Tesla and charged only with 16A. It is not a good feeling when the screen shows that the estimated charging time is six hours.

We ended up charging an hour so we were sure to reach the destination on the outskirts of Riga.

We hoped we could be allowed to charge from the house contact when we arrived. We were allowed that.

Much of the road today was a dirt roads. This was combined with heavy rain. The result was an extremely dirty car. Car wash tomorrow.

Anne has for several days tried to take a picture of stork. There’s lots of stork here. She has either been late, or she has missed. Today she managed – in a way.

Video day 16: Day16

Day 15 • Tourists

A bit of a change to come from Kaliningrad to Palanga. In Kaliningrad it was the permanent residents who put their color in the area. Here it is the tourists. In Kaliningrad, it was the blackbird who played at night. Here is the deep technobass half the night until 2:58 (exact).

During the day, there were trade stalls and restaurants throughout the long main street – a pedestrian street.

In the evening there were musicians, draftsmen, perfomance artists, rose sellers and restaurants that are looking for your money. We bought pottery – again.

When the evening came, there was a walk down to the sea where the sun disappeared into the ocean.

I still have a bad shoulder and elbow. Can walk a few hundred meters, can barely sit at a coffee table and we can forget about the bikes. Fortunately, the self-driving of the Tesla works well so the driving is no problem. The car runs 90% of the way itself. The Tesla controls the steering wheel and regulates speed by speed limits and cars around. Very satisfied.

What we are not satisfied with is the range. We were promised 530 to 560 km. Has got 500 km. An error has occurred with the lid on the charging port. Charge port sensor error. Certainly a trifle.

It turns out that Annes shopping is depending of the size of the car. A small car is a good thing.

Video day 15.: Day15