Day 21 • Tower and flower

Despite the poor arm, today’s plan include a bike ride. We have got tips about an old windmill that has been converted into an art center. This center shall have an event today and is therefore open.

After putting into me all the best the local pharmacy can offer Anne massages my shoulder with something similar to Voltaren, but should be better ?!

Then we cycle off. It should be about 7 kilometers. We cycle a bit longer since we made a little mistake. We had many breaks. Both because of my arm and because of the heat. But we did it.

The construction was amazing. Great views from the top. Anne also thought that she had seen a small unused spot in the car’s trunk. This was to be filled with a vase from the site’s potter – the art center’s owner.

The purchase was made without cash. The art center owner knew our host. We only had to pay our host before we moved on.

Did I mention the fisk we bought in Palanga?
The ugly one?

We were also served a good local soup.

The bike ride home went very smoothly. This time we took no detour.

During the afternoon I took pictures of the flowers in “our” garden and in the surrounding nature.

Video day 21: Day21

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